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Latin American Grill

Carbón offers Latin American-inspired dishes, prepared in up close and personal over live fire grill. Guests will be delighted as they experience a wide variety of flavors and fresh ingredients reminiscent of Mexico and Peru. 

Carbón highlights the best ingredients from the land and the sea, which includes using Mexican heirloom single origin corn, variety of Peruvian Aji and copious types of Mexican chilis. Latin American cuisine is colorful, often spicy, and has a well layered flavor profile kindred with Indonesian cuisine. Carbón serves selected prime and aged cuts using the live fire grill, along with fresh seafood and barbacoa slow cooking style to give a wider variety to all our guests. 

In the middle of the entrance, Carbón’ guests will be welcomed by an infused tequila counter – truly a one of a kind if not the only one in town. Sporting a fully stocked bar with an expansive tequila and cocktail list, top-shelf spirits, wine, Carbón also serves our very own tropical IPA beer.



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