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Avant-Garde Japanese Steakhouse

Serving meticulously curated 'dry aged" and "premium" cuts over charcoal fired yakiniku grills 

AGED+BUTCHERED is the avant-garde carnivorous vision of our proprietor Chef Andri, who creates an exclusive, festive and interactive atmosphere accompanied by the meticulously curated  ‘Dry Aged’ and ‘Premium’ cuts.

We are a cut above other steakhouses with our distinct approach to classic steakhouse which makes for a multi-sensory experience. We source multi cut from our in-house meat curating program and select cuts from our on-site dry aging room. We pride ourselves by serving top-quality ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes. We know we cannot rush perfection and we honor the meat, the aging and cooking process. While our chefs grill your order on your table, you and your party can cozy up in our refined stylish environment

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