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About MDA Restaurants

Established in 2019, MDA is a hospitality group that creates, owns and operates several thought provoking lifestyle culinary concepts.  MDA Restaurants Group has won the heart of Jakarta’s FnB enthusiasts by presenting outstanding food paired with impeccable service and stunning ambience. 


Founded by Mr Manoj Punjabi partnered with our Chef Patron, Andri – MDA is committed to deliver the most awesome experiences for all who walk through our doors. The restaurants are spread across a few level including the penthouse of the iconic building, MD Place. Situated in the heart of Jakarta, MDA restaurants are the main destination for Jakarta’s premium and enthusiast residents. With multiple private dining areas, and outdoor dining area, MDA welcomes our guests to an inviting space with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for both private and corporate events. To date, MDA has lift up the standard of dining scene in Jakarta with  Animale, Aged+Butchered and Carbón.


The excitement continues with the unveiling of Wabisabi and Ironplate in the second part of 2021..

Our Restaurants


Avant-garde Japanese steakhouse serving meticulously curated

'Dry Aged’ and ‘Premium’ cuts over charcoal fired yakiniku grills


Progressive cuisine, presenting flavours from the Mediterranean region. Serving eclectic signature dishes, house cured salami & salumi, with over 20 types of pasta made in house


Live fire cooking concept, embracing the bold Latin American flavors, highlighting the preparation of various small plates with copious types of chiles and aji from Mexico and Peru


Quietly sophisticated Japanese cuisine. Prepared with a creative contemporary approach


Reinvented classic chophouse & bistro-inspired dishes, celebrating the bounty of land & sea, prepared in front of your very eyes with extensive use of our Iron Plate grills.